Association CoBalt

In an allusion to its chemical alloy namesake, cobalt, the association’s goal is to showcase an eclectic, multidisciplinary approach to combining human, social and political concerns and worries, by leaving each artist to freely express their own imagination and perception of reality.

the CoBalt Association, based in Geneva, creates performances that combine dance with theatre, song, live music, circus, acrobatics and multimedia. Its projects aim to share emotion using cognitive and sensory messages that are full of imagery.

The research and innovation behind her shows mean they are cultural events that appeal to a wide audience. Rébecca Spinetti is the Choreographer and Artistic Director of CoBalt Association.

Alongside its choreographic creations, the CoBalt Association works in awarenessraising activities and pedagogic mediation through Masterclass, Workshop and Artistic Residence, open to all public. Meetings with the public at conferences, discussions, workshops, work-in-progress of current creations, allow everyone to actively participate and know the work of CoBalt Association.

In addition to her own artistic creations, Rébecca is also regularly invited as a guest choreographer and stage director by other productions and companies.

To date, her productions have been performed in Switzerland, France, Italy, India, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru.