Graduated Kinesiologist in 2010, diploma recognized by the Swiss Federation of Kinesiology.

Rébecca has developed a series of courses based on her trajectory as an artist and therapist, associating kinesiology with the artistic disciplines of movement, including music and painting. This is how methodology was created and titled:


These courses are carefully designed to take into account the profile of individual participants.

The appeal for participants of the courses lies in discovering the hidden faces of their own personality, as well as looking in depth at freedom of thought.

Art-Kiné© is taught in the human-resources areas of institutions, and in different levels in schools, including further-education institutes.

The purpose of these courses is to reconcile each individual with their own personal value, to perceive their creative potential and evidence their personal pursuit, in a group setting.

The unifying thread of the suggested courses is the conciliation with two forms of expression associated to precise kinesiology exercises through story reading. Art-Kiné© lessons include presentations by professional artists, who are introduced throughout the course of a day in the following way:

Story danced through color
Story danced through music

For the purpose of the chosen course, individuals will experience movement, as well as painting or music; they will integrate as a group through their personal effort.

What does kinesiology mean?

Kinesiology is the study of body movements and their biological elements. It is based on traditional Chinese-medicine fundamentals, due to its meridians, and the factors necessary for finding harmony between the body, emotions and mind. This instructive method uses our potential and our energetic, psychic, emotional and intellectual resources to free blockages.

It involves a wide range of techniques, which include, among others:

Touch for health, to re-equilibrate meridians.
Brain Gym, for training physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.
Educating Kinesiology (Blue Print), for sabotages, fears, memories and inherited beliefs.
Kinesiology harmony, to generate crucial goals for harmonization.

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I’m really interested on taking this course, because I ask myself: what is the connection between painting and dance? What will the result be? Personally, there are so many things within movement and painting that I didn’t think I could improve, consciously or unconsciously. I have the impression that this pursuit has allowed me to go further, to the end of the expression of movement in dance (to let go), with the feeling of a positive creation, an achievement, a conception…

Valérie Roch, director of L’école Studio Danse Cluses. (France)

Rébecca brings into play the capacity of each person to understand his/her difficulties through artistic activities. The target is not to strictly interpret the meaning of the fulfilled creation, but to allow the individual to express and take trust back in him or herself. Rébecca suggests letting the body talk and say what is inside each person without haste; to liberate and let the movement come from the inside. She is there for each person during the transformation process, with the aim of freeing the creative forces that are within us.

Atra Chikhi, Cultural PartnerCultural Partner, Cité Saint-Jean, Paris (France)

We are so happy to have taken this course. I have learned to listen to myself; when I let my body be, my imagination shows itself. I came back home exhausted, went directly to bed, completely relaxed. I’m about to start a new life—an adult life—and that distressed me a lot. This course has allowed me to find a balance, to play with a sense of freedom, to feel the wind, the big leap. I have discovered new feelings when painting, as well as when moving in dance. In a few words, I’m delighted today; a great time is coming. Thanks again.

Margot Serasset, student