Rebelle-toi, il pleut des cailloux!

Durée: 45 min

Réalisation: 2020

An original multidisciplinary creation at the crossroads between art and commitment to the environment … Dance, voice, rap. Words strike, voices question, bodies release positive expression to change the world …

The new production “Rebelle-toi, il pleut des cailloux!” by Rébecca Spinetti focuses on our attitude to the information we receive (ecology, environment, politics or health …) and for which we do not know what to think, because many of them point us in a desired direction, or those unveiled in subtle ways that we barely hear. How to raise awareness of this flow of information to transform our environment and our habits.

Each evening is followed by a conference with a different guest.

September 16, 17, 18, 19, 2020, Théâtre de l’Etincelle, Geneva (Switzerland)
September 25, 2020, at CCL in St-Imier (Switzerland)


Interview Radio RTS
Interview Radio Radio Lac
Interview Radio Cité Genève
Quotidien Jurassien
Journal du Jura (Festival Interjurassien)
Feuille d’avis de Courtelary
Journal du Jura


Conception, choreography and artistic direction:
Rébecca Spinetti
Artistic collaboration, dancers: 
Brice Arside, Mateus Tesson, Simone Giancola
Texts: Sim’s
Voice: Frank Semelet et Olivier Guibert
Objects: Christophe Kiss
Lights: Renato Campora
Machinery: Alex Gerenton
Costumes: Marion Schmid
Speakers: Philippe Roch, Serge Stoll, Gilles Mulhauser, Florian Kasser

This project is supported by:


Photographer: Karwan Abdulkarim